Think Big

Episode 1

Melissa vs. Matthew

Melissa from Sarnia, Ontario presents her invention a “CPR Training Simulator” designed to help kids learn the proper CPR technique. Matthew from Barrie, Ontario presents “The Algaenator”, a device he’s invented that uses plant algae to clean car exhaust. Melissa leads Team DaVinci against Matthew and his Team Newton in the Invent-Off Challenge to see who can design the best Safety Bike! But before the big challenge, both teams compete in a mini challenge for a reward. In the Wind n’ Wheels mini-challenge, the teams build and race breath powered sports cars. Which team will cross the finish line first? And which Inventor will lead their team to victory in the Safety Bike Invent-off challenge and win the Genius Cup?

Episode 2

Jordan vs. Devon

Jordan from Barrie, Ontario presents his invention “Greener Concrete”, a light, energy efficient concrete that he hopes will revolutionize the construction industry. Devon from Winnipeg, Manitoba presents his “Modular Robot”. His invention can travel the toughest terrain—going places humans and cars cannot. Jordan leads Team Edison against Devon and Team Einstein to see who can build the most Radical Recycler. But before the big Invent- Off challenge, both teams must compete in a mini-challenge for a reward. In the Water Balloon Launcher mini challenge, the teams build launchers and launch water balloons at targets. Which team will accumulate the most points? And which Inventor will come out on top in the Radical Recycler Invent-off and lead his team to win the Genius Cup?

Episode 3

Tyler vs. Brian

Brian from Hanna, Alberta presents the “Safe-D-Pet Monitor” a device that monitors pets in parked vehicles. Tyler, from Sudbury, Ontario presents the “E-Z Glide Sliding Rail Anchor” a safety device that keeps rail workers safe while they repair train tracks on bridges. Excitement mounts as Tyler and Team Einsteinsquare off against Brian and Team Edison to design and build a motorized Robo Artist in the big Invent-off Challenge. But first, the teams compete to build a Mighty Bridge in the mini challenge. The winner gains an advantage over the other team in the Invent Off. Whose bridge will go the distance? And which Inventor will build the best Robo Artist in the Invent-Off and win the Genius Cup?

Episode 4

Isabella and Riley vs. Connor and Spencer

Isabella and Riley from Canmore, Alberta present their “Compawst Bin” a rugged compost bin designed to keep bears out. Connor and Spencer from Sudbury, Ontario present their new “Biodegradable Plastic”. They hope their invention will help reduce the number of plastic grocery bags in landfill sites. Riley and Isabella lead Team Edison against Spencer, Connor and Team Einstein in the Invent-Off Challenge to see who can create the best Pet Habitat. But first, each team must compete to build a UFO in the mini challenge. The team that builds the UFO that stays in the air the longest wins an advantage for the big Invent Off. The Genius Cup is at stake! Which pair of inventors will lead their team to victory in the Pet Habitat Invent-Off and take the prize?

Episode 5

Isabella and Riley vs. Connor and Spencer

Daniel from Belle River, Ontario presents his “Magnet Generator”, an environmentally friendly invention that uses magnets to charge bicycle lights. Meagan from Windsor, Ontario presents her “Solar Oven”. Meagan’s invention harnesses the power of the sun to cook food using no gas or electricity! Daniel leads Team DaVinci against Meagan who leads Team Newton in the big Invent-Off Challenge which requires that they create a solar powered Firefly Light. But first, the teams compete to build an egg Space Landing device in the mini challenge. The team that builds the device that best protects an egg wins a reward for the Invent-off Challenge. Whose egg will land intact? And which team will create the best Firefly Light and take the Genius Cup?

THINK BIG is a ground-breaking 13-part series that pits top kid inventors against each other in an “INVENT OFF” to see who can come up with the most innovative invention. May the brightest mind win!

Each episode introduces the viewer to two Featured Inventors and the products they’ve created. These 2 kids present their own inventions. Through the use of home videos and photographs, we will learn a bit about each kid’s background, what their interests are and how their invention came about.

But the Featured Inventors are not only here to showcase their inventions, they are here to take the THINK BIG challenge, facing off against each other in an INVENT-OFF.

And they won’t have to do it alone! Once our Host reveals this week’s Invention Challenge, we will meet Team TB2. These young bright lights must prove their mad skills to the Featured Inventors by competing in a Mini Challenge– a fun and visual brain teaser.

Two to three kids from this team will be assigned to each of the featured inventors to form opposing teams. The team that wins the Mini Challenge will win an advantage for the final competition – the Invent-off.

The Invent-off will be held in the Think Tank, a studio filled top to bottom with art supplies and construction materials. There, our teams will brainstorm, choose materials, and then sketch, design and implement their idea. Each team will have to complete the challenge by building their invention, and then present their solution as a ‘new product’ complete with a proper name and marketing/ design elements such as a logo and slogan.