Violet Violet

Violet Violet - Primo TV

Violet Violet is a smart, strong‐willed, trend‐bucking 11‐ year old girl with a BIG fashion sense and a blog describing how she’d like to improve the world – its music, aesthetics, and especially its rigid, closed‐minded people… like the teachers who won’t let her wear a swan hat to class.

She wears violet clothing, dyes her hair violet, and is looking for a violet pet. To her, the color represents the repudiation of conformity.

Her being strong‐willed is a problem, because Max is strong‐willed too. These two, competitors in school and now in saving the planet, seldom see eye‐toeye.

Each one wants to run their alien‐busting outfit and each chafes at anything sounding like “orders” coming from the other.