Teresa Green

Teresa Green - Primo TV

Teresa Green is, upon first inspection, a perfectly polite, neatly‐dressed, well‐behaved pre‐teen girl. She doesn’t interrupt her elders, she’s a straight‐A student – she’s every teacher’s dream. That’s because she’s actually the alien creature called Loom Prxbtlyp, dedicated to taking over the earth and enslaving all its inhabitants.

She chose her disguise of cute 12‐year‐old Teresa based on characters on a movie billboard across the street from the Greens’ house. She got the name for her putative brother, Goliath, off a dog’s ID tag.

Immaculate, polite, unemotional, Teresa treats earth and all of its citizens like an ant farm beneath her magnifying glass. She has trouble grasping the subtleties of human nature. She is a logical being and humans act illogically.

Teresa/Loom’s job is to send back nightly reports describing us to the orbiting Kemii to speed up the impending invasion. But her analytical approach always misses some subtlety of human behavior. Like when she says humans own dogs to give us exercise in bending over to pick up poop.