Max - Primo TV

Max is an energetic, outgoing 11‐year‐old who until recently had everything.

He was popular at school, good at sports and showed talent in music and academics. He lived on a wide treed street in idyllic Cucurtown, where the streetlights clicked on at dusk to reveal happy homes nestling happy families all sitting around glowing hearths. Life was good. Then Teresa and Goliath showed up and everything fell apart. Max’s new siblings are apparently perfect and they’re remarkably self‐sufficient. For a while he was disoriented and, for the first time in his life, actually jealous.

Never mind. Max is a do‐er; a positive thinker and a pint‐sized force to be reckoned with. No alien from this galaxy or any other is going to disrupt his fun life, change his positive outlook or walk into his cozy home and use it as Home Base for stealing his planet!