Goliath - Primo TV

Is actually a 380‐year‐old Kemii alien named Ran Strb. Ran was nearing retirement when he got this assignment and thought the job would be a drag. But when he found out he got to play an irresponsibly wild small child he decided to go with it.

Goliath doesn’t speak. Not in any earth languages, anyway. So he never has to explain to his new parents why he’s drinking the aquarium water or seeing if a hallway banister will go in one of his nostrils and out the other.

Goliath’s body is heavily clothed and he has a mop of pumpkin‐orange hair, so we see only a portion of his face. Just as well, since he has a long vegetal tail with a mind of its own (it taps him on the shoulder and hides) and he can extend a slimy pseudopodal green stalk‐body on which he elevates his kindergarten‐sized self to an intimidating 20 feet high.