Matt Hatter Chronicles

Mon-Fri 4:30pm e/p

Episode 1

Knights of the Multiverse

American schoolboy Matt Hatter arrives at the Coronet theatre in London to discover his Grandpa is missing and a gateway to another dimension. There, he must face Lord Tenoroc and his emissary of evil - The Black Knight!

Episode 2

Sting of Scorpiotron

Matt, Roxie & Gomez race against time to prevent man-machine Scorpiotron from draining all the oases in the Sea of Sands and depriving the citizens of Al-Harbar of their precious water supply.

Episode 3

Skull of the Black Raven

Gomez is shanghaied by Ghost Pirate Redbeard in the mistaken belief he can help locate the lost Skull of the Black Raven, which will grant Redbeard the power to control minds. Matt and Roxie to the rescue!

Episode 4

Rise of the Mummy

Tenoroc unleashes the Mummy, with orders to find the Eye of Ra and burn the Sea of Sands to a cinder. Matt, Roxie, Gomez and a flatulent camel called Priscilla are all that stand between him and catastrophe!

Episode 5

The San Warrior

The race to end all races is on – and the prize is gravity itself. It’s Matt, Roxie & Gomez vs the revved up speed demon known as Cyber Racer and his mean machine the Dune Basher. Ready, get set – go!

Matt Hatter Chronicles is an adventure-comedy series about Matt, a schoolboy whose life is changed forever when he discovers a secret dimension known as the Multiverse inside his family home, London’s Notting Hill Coronet Movie Theatre.

For decades, villains from movies screened at the cinema have been escaping into the Multiverse. As the new Hatter Hero, it’s now up to Matt, with the help of friends Roxie and Gomez, to battle and recapture all the Super Villains, save the Multiverse and free his Grandpa!

Focusing on adventure, discovery, imagination and comedy, Matt Hatter delivers aspirational heroes, fearsome Super Villains, super-cool gadgetry, compelling drama and smart digital content. This pulse-pounding action-adventure series also introduces a unique animation technique called ‘Multivision’ (3D without glasses) which provides a visual treat in every episode to give ‘Hatter Fans’ an immersive viewing experience without the need to wear 3D glasses.

Matt Hatter

Matt loves nothing more than having an adventure, so being a Hatter Hero is kind of suited to him. Capturing all the movie villains that escaped through the projector and into the Multiverse is a big deal. The safety of the people in the Multiverse is at stake and so is the freedom of his Grandpa, but Matt doesn’t let this get him down.


Gomez is younger than Matt and Roxie, he’s twelve years old and they are both thirteen. This means that they tend to treat him like a baby sometimes, especially when he’s moaning about tracking the latest Super Villain. He’s a bit of a wimp and will try and talk his way out of situations that might be scary. But his knowledge of the Multiverse is immense and this makes his role very important.


Roxie is the same age as Matt but a lot more mature. She likes to keep Matt and Gomez in line so they don’t start messing around, but this just makes her seem bossy. She takes her role as Tracker very seriously and works hard to help Matt capture the villains, but she does like to have fun as soon as the Villain is in the Vault. She does have a soft, girly side but she tries to hide this so she fits in better with the boys.


Marlon could be described as a little dramatic and highly-strung, he panics and he definitely overreacts. He loves Matt and you’ll always find him by his side or perched on his shoulder but Marlon does get a little annoyed that Matt puts him in some difficult situations. Marlon uses “Chitterspeak”, a mixture of squeaks and squeals, to communicate with Matt.

Lord Tenoroc

Lord Tenoroc sueña con gobernar todo el Multiverso y si alguna vez se llega a libera de su prisión. Él no se detendrá hasta que cada persona en el Multiverso se inclina ante él. El hecho de que Tenoroc se haya quedado atascado en una dimensión desierta lo frusta y enoja mucho. Su destino se basa únicamente en los súper villanos y se está volviendo más y más impaciente debido a sus fracasos.