Our Mission

Funded by the National Science Foundation, Generación STEM/STEM Mio helps Latino youth explore their personal passions, connect those to their matching STEM career possibilities, and plan the pathway to college and to a career they love.

Our goal in creating Generación STEM/STEM Mio is to build a trajectory of engaging STEM experiences within a game-enabled platform that Latino youth, families, and teachers can explore together. To reach this goal, the Generación STEM/STEM Mio team is creating, optimizing, and researching a series of game-infused project-based Quests, Missions, and Challenges that support middle-school students in a long-term process; from engaging in STEM games and maker spaces, identifying career interests and possible colleges, going on campus tours, strengthening college applications through experiences, to ultimately securing financial aid and applying to colleges.

At the core of this initiative is that youth connect with one of our STEM career areas: identifying a passion area to pursue, learning about Latino professionals in that area, and then building a richer understanding and set of experiences in their chosen area. The STEM interest areas fall along two axes: ranging from sustaining people (health sciences) to sustaining the environment (environmental sciences) on one axis, and from designing objects (engineering sciences) to designing software (computer sciences) on the other. Youth are encouraged to pursue any of these in combination.