Story 1

A young Hispanic man proudly tells us that he will be the first in his family to receive a university degree.

Brian Zarate is a young student who immigrated alone from Mexico and is now preparing to enter university and become a dentist - one of the best paid careers and with a very low unemployment rate. Brian participates in a STEM program where he takes on many disciplines that will be very useful for his future career.

Story 2

An electrical engineer delves into the enigmas of light and manipulates his particles as if he were a juggler of science.

Alejandro RodrĂ­guez is a young electrical engineer of Chinese-Cuban origin, who is dedicated in investigating light and its particles. Alejandro tells us that in the coming years, light could be the source of energy for technology, such as the computer. This would, in turn, make it operate thousands of times faster.

Story 3

We make a leap to an Arizona university to meet a teacher who applies mathematics to biological processes.

It is the basis of all the sciences and one of the greatest treasures of human knowledge. Many students fear it but others dominate it and make it a powerful tool. This is...Mathematics. This discipline is essential in many fields such as natural sciences, medicine and even music. Ericka Camacho, a professor of Applied Mathematics, tells us about the extraordinary research she is doing and how her work applies to everyday life.

Story 4

It's called "Cafe College" and it's a paradise for students. There is no question that remains unanswered. Accompany us in this new tour through our series Generation STEM

Looking for a career in the STEM universe? Which one can best fit your natural aptitudes, medicine, engineering, computing desires? To start with, we may have to rely on the instinct, that impulse that pushes you to the arts or the sciences. Perhaps it is one that leans towards technology, physics, or mathematics. "Café College" is a place in San Antonio, Texas that specializes in clearing any doubts a student may have about STEM careers.