Story 1

We will go through the mountains with a geologist who shows us how to read the history written on the rocks of our planet Earth.

Geology is a branch of science that is dedicated to deciphering the mysteries of our planet, its composition, and the processes that constantly transform it. The Puerto Rican Geologist Ángel García Romero walks us through how rocks tell us about our history and our future.

Story 2

A young Puerto Rican meteorologist tells us how her love of science led her to the National Hurricane Center.

The National Hurricane Center is somewhat like a headquarters for storm-troopers and cyclone scientists, who do not miss a foot in tracking atmospheric activities, especially during the hurricane season. Here, we'll meet Nelsy Ramos, a scientist in meteorology and responsible for the evaluation of maritime conditions to do sporting and commercial activities.

Story 3

The stones are the tools with which, an enthusiastic geologist, can decipher the history of our planet.

Up next is Marisol Rivera, a young lover of science who studied Civil Engineering, takes a stone in her hands and moves to the origins of life.

Story 4

An organization opens its doors to Hispanic students and prepares them to start the race for a university degree.

We are now going to visit a major international association representing more than 450 institutions of higher education in various parts of the world, that aim to facilitate access to universities for Hispanic students. HACU's mission is to promote the development of university studies for Hispanics and improve access to these institutions. Its director, explains the important role of STEM careers.