Story 1

The animation and the creation of video games are both main courses offered by a center in Florida for students to blossom their imagination.

Video Games have been taking over more and more screens around the world, but who and how are these games made? When will virtual reality get closer to becoming just reality? In this story, Mauricio Ferraza, director of MAGIC, teaches us animation and design at Miami Dade College in Florida where the future in creative and technical professionals in the industry are prepared.

Story 2

Two video game designers are where they always dreamed of being: with one foot in the virtual world and another in the real world.

Living among both the real and the cybernetic world lives Steven Young and Michael Christiansen, two software engineers dedicated to the creation of Video Games. Something that fascinates them about their work is that there is never a dull moment because there is always a new challenge to face or something new to learn.

Story 3

A talented researcher puts the video game in function of environmental conservation and takes us to visit remote places.

In this story we are going to meet Sasha Barab, an enthusiastic innovator and creator of video games focused on conservation of the environment, and the help of people and communities. Listen to what he has to tell us.

Story 4

Bringing students to science and technology through video games is the goal of a teacher who travels across the country to get it.

To motivate the young people that besides playing with the video games, can create them, is the proposal of Mark German, president of the learning division of a prestigious firm of Video Games. To do this, he travels the United States through workshops that are sources of research and inspiration, and drive the creation of video games based on traditional games.