Story 1

A young architecture student dreams of creating a legacy of skyscrapers and communities designed by him.

An architect may be responsible for building a single building or many in a city. And to that, Felix Reyes, a young man who dreams of being an architect, prepares for this at the DASH High School of Design and Architecture in Miami.

Story 2

A teacher tells us how to prepare his students step by step to become great professionals.

Erick Hankin is a DASH high school teacher of design and architecture, who has led many of his students to become outstanding architects and designers. He tells us how students prepare in this school to jump to the Architecture career.

Story 3

He has his own signature many years ago, and from the summit of his success, an architect tells us how he made the drawings of his childhood.

Ricardo Rodríguez is an architect of Mexican origin, director of his own Architecture firm and with more than 20 years of experience. Neither the poverty nor the gangs of the neighborhood where he lived with his family prevented him from achieving his dreams. Today, he converted into urbanization the drawings he made as a young man and is a prestigious architect in Los Angeles.

Story 4

An interesting girls' computer program combines social services to the community with the astounding world of robotics.

Robots perform increasingly complex tasks with the advancement of technology and disciplines such as artificial intelligence. Even many fear that someday they will come to dominate us! But Mitzi Vilchis-Lopez, a participant in the "Compugirls" program or computer girls, does not seem to care. This program is in force in several states of the country, and its objective is to bring the computer science to young students between grades 8 and 12.