Story 1

Surrounded by maps, a young Hispanic meteorologist tells us from the screens of our television whether or not to take our umbrellas tomorrow morning.

Story 2

Ruth Fregoso is a role model for young Hispanic women. Her parents came from Mexico and gave her all her support by working very hard so she could chase her dreams. Her passion for mathematics led her to study engineering and that was the beginning of a meteoric career that led her to NASA. She breaks the myth that women do not fit into engineering careers.

Story 3

Our planet screams for help! We follow a young man who not only cares for the environment, but also educates others on how to do it.

Santiago Flores, a young Colombian anthropologist dedicates his life educating about the importance of environmental conservation in the Museum of Natural Science in New York.

Story 4

The director of a science program gives us the details of the advantages of these careers, and how to access them.

Mónica Minchala is the director of ARCOS, a program that serves students at Miami Dade College. Monica talks about the many ramifications of these STEM RACES, their advantages and how to access them through government aid.